Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning with Oscillating Pad Extraction

We offer a unique, low moisture, environmentally friendly process called oscillating pad extraction (OPE).  If you are tired of wet carpets that take days to dry, as well as spots and stains that keep coming back, soil wicking back, carpet rippling and browning, then we are thrilled to introduce you to a whole new cleaning system. OPE uses very little moisture, new  “Green” chemistry and specially designed machines that clean all sides of the carpet fibers!

The result is a deep, safe clean and your carpet will be dry in about an hour.

Advantages of having Badger clean your carpets:

  • 90% less water used during cleanings
  • Cleaning performed by Certified Green Carpet Cleaners
  • Carpets stay cleaner longer!
  • No vehicle engines running, doors left open, dirty hoses laying around
  • No hidden costs or upselling
  • Green Cleaning provides your staff & customers a healthy indoor environment.

Perfect for Commercial Carpets – Oscillating Pad Extraction!